Building and Environmental Health

Environmental Health

The Shire engages consultant company HBP Services for their environmental health, building, or planning needs. Toni Turner of LG Solutions can be contacted by ringing the Shire office on 9683 1001, mobile number     or emailing

Local Town Planning Scheme 1

Trayning Town Planning Scheme 1

Trayning Town Planning Strategy

Trayning Local Planning Scheme 1




Building Licenses

Building Construction Requirements – The following information details the general building requirements within the Shire of Trayning.

Building Code of Australia Coverage – All residential buildings to be constructed within the District, whether in town sites or in rural areas, require the submission of building plans and specifications prior to the commencement of work.

Every builder and/or owner builder intending to construct a building, alter, add to, repair or underpin, demolish or remove an existing building should obtain a licence before commencing that work.

Every builder and/or owner builder making an application for a building licence should submit to the building surveyor:

1.    Building Details (two complete sets of drawing to scale not less than 1:100)
2.    Block Details
3.    Specifications
4.    Structural Calculations
5.    Cost Estimate
6.    Compliance with Fire Regulations
7.    Requirements as to Drawings
8.    New and Existing

" No Permit Required" Information:

Building_Regulations No_Permit_Required_Information.pdf

To obtain a copy of a building or demolition licence, or if you have any further queries please contact the Shire Office.

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