Ninghan Fitness Centre


The Ninghan Fitness Centre is located overlooking the Trayning Aquatic Centre and adjacent to Pioneer Park. It includes various pieces of commerial grade fitness equipment including:

  • Treadmill - 3 programs
  • Upright Bicycle - programmable
  • Elliptical training machine
  • Dual Stack multi gym with leg press
  • Knee raise/ chin up station
  • Incline bench press and various dumbbells
  • Exercise mats and "Fit balls"
  • Form Mirrors
  • Weight Bench Press
  • DVD player

Each member is provided with a swipe card for their personal use and must agree to the "Terms of Usage", as per the Membership Application Form.

Important to note: It is a breach of the terms and conditions to lend anyone your swipe card to anyone. Doing so will result in your membership being cancelled.

Fitness Centre- Membership Application Form


Membership Fees

Adult $65.00
Family $95.00
Pensioner $40.00
Student (13 to 17 yrs) $40.00
Day Pass $15.00
Monthly $25.00
Quarterly $45.00

Membership fees are payable at the Shire Administration Office complete the Application form below and bring with you.

NFC 3Terms of Usage

The Shire of Trayning would like all members to have safe and enjoyable usage of the Ninghan Fitness Centre, so the following terms of use are for your benefit to ensure the security, working order and the cleanliness of the facility and the equipment in it.  This facility is for the community’s benefit so please treat it with pride and respect.

As part of your membership of the Ninghan Fitness Centre, you enter the gym and exercise at your own risk.  The Shire of Trayning takes no responsibility or liability for any injuries incurred or sustained by members.  Please abide all the rules and conditions set by the Shire of Trayning for the Ninghan Fitness Centre.

  • No membership card = no use of the facility.
  • Patrons should familiarise themselves with the equipment and correct procedures before use.
  • Hours of use are between 5.00am to 10.00pm.
  • The lending of your swipe card or taking non-members into the fitness centre will void your membership immediately, a 12 month ban will be imposed on your usage and no refund will be given.
  • No children 12 years or younger are permitted to use the equipment.
  • Student from 13 – 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (person over the age of 18yrs).
  • No smoking or food is permitted in the facility.
  • Enclosed footwear is to be worn at all times and your own towel should be used to lie on benches.
  • Respect and use the gym equipment properly.
  • Any damage is to be reported immediately to the Shire Office.
  • Please ensure that all lights, air-conditioner, TV/DVD Player are switched off before leaving the facility.
  • Always ensure that the doors are LOCKED before leaving.