The students that attend Trayning come from the communities of Trayning, Kununoppin and Yelbeni. Currently there are 15 students enrolled at Trayning Primary School.

Our School staff consists of a Principal and 2 Classroom Teachers catering to the needs of students from kindergarten to Year 6. The School also has 7 School support staff who perform a variety of tasks that support the students and teaching staff and maintain the grounds. The school is structured around an existing traditional type primary school of 3 permanent classrooms in a well looked after 1950s era building. The school is located with the picturesque water wise garden with a large oval and play equipment for the students. The School Council in the main decision-making body in the school. In addition, the school is support by an active P&C group who encourage parent participation and involvement and raise fund be used for the benefit of our students. 

The school is also actively supported by the Trayning Shire Council. Trayning Primary School forms part of the Ninghan cells of schools which join together regularly to participate in sporting, cultural and social events allowing our students to form friendships with those from other schools. 

A bus runs from Trayning and Kununoppin to the High Schools in Merredin and Wyalkatchem daily.


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