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Independent Living Units and Aged Care

In 1998, The Shire of Trayning built 6 two bedroom, 1 bathroom brick and tile units in Trayning designed for Aged Care Pensioners with or without disabilities.

The Shire of Trayning Independent Living Units in Kununoppin consists of 5 modern two bedroom, 1 bathroom units  built in 2015 these units have been specifically designed to cater for older people, with or without disabilities and are situated close to the Kununoppin and Districts Hospital.

Availability of the Units are advertised in the Ninghan News, on the Shire’s Facebook and this website. If you would like to be added to the waiting lists for Trayning or Kununoppin please contact the Shire Admin Office and leave your details and you will be notified when a unit becomes available.

You may also fill in an application form and submit it to the Shire Admin Office in person or via email at

Form 18 Application to Rent Residential Premises

The Ninghan Lodge is a part of the south wing at Kununoppin and Districts Hospital and was opened on the 8th April 1999, it has a seven bed capacity and provides all medical services, podiatry, physio, Allied Health, outings and family BBQ's.



We Currently Have No Units Available.