Emergency Services

Police Station

Trayning falls under the jurisdiction of the Bencubbin Police Station.

Phone 08 9685 0200 

St Johns Ambulance

In the case of an Emergency call 000

For Volunteer or non emergency information please call 13 12 33

This is a voluntary service, and we are extremely lucky to have volunteers not only from our KTY district but from our neighbouring shires also. St John's Volunteer Ambulance  service always welcomes new members.

Volunteer Emergency Services Unit

Need emergency assistance?  The Trayning VFES Captain advises you shouldn’t contact local volunteers, please call the following:

DFES Contacts

In the case of an Emergency call 000

Bush Fire Control 


Chief Bush Fire Control Officer

Peter Barnes

0408 053 023 

Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer

Murray Leahy  0458 807 848

Fire Control Officer

For issuing burning permits only

Leanne Parola CEO

Belinda Taylor MOCS 

0428 831 035      

0428 997 156

 All Harvest ban Notifications can now be received via SMS or email.  If you wish to be included in these lists please contact this Shire Administration Office. 

Restricted and Prohibited Burning Periods 

  • Fires Prohibited 1st November 2023 to 7th February 2024
  • Restricted Burning period from 8th February 2024 to 31st March 2024
  • Restricted burning period from 19th September 2024 to 31st October 2024

Farmers are to contact the Shire Administration Officer for burning permits and enquiries on restrictions and harvest bans in the region.

Fire Break Notice

Request for Burning Permit Form - email admin@trayning.wa.gov.au

Request for Burning Permit - Landowner