Dog and Cat Control

What you need to know about the Dog Act

Your Responsibilities

$500 on-the-spot fines

If you own a dog you have a legal responsibility to keep it under control, either within a fenced area on your property or on a leash when in public.

Your dog must always be on a leash in public, except at designated dog exercise areas. As the owner you can be given an on the spot fine of $500. If the matter goes to court, the fine could be as high as $1000.00.

You are responsible for ensuring your dog is not a public nuisance (ie by excessive barking). The on the spot fine is $500. If taken to court, the fine could be up to $2000.00.

People and Animals have rights

Even if your dog is well behaved it can be very frightening to other people if it is roaming unattended. Although you may think your dog is unlikely to attack a person, roaming dogs will often approach and sometimes attack other dogs. Responsible pet owners & their dogs are often targets of these attacks.

Dog Attacks

$10,000 fines for dog attacks

If your dog attacks a person or another animal, you will be held responsible even if you were not there at the time. The only exception is where the dog was provoked to attack (see provocation section).

A dog attack now includes a dog aggressively rushing at or attempting to attack a person or animal, as well as tearing clothing, biting or causing physical injury or damage to property resulting from a dog attack.


The dog Act provides a defence for a dog owner to claim, in certain circumstances.

A defence of provocation may be claimed if your dog attacks someone who is on your property without lawful excuse or another animal which enters your property or which behaves in a threatening manner towards you.

Dangerous Dog

The state Government has amended the dog Act to allow councils to declare individual dogs "dangerous" for aggressive behaviour.

A declaration dangerous dog is required to be muzzled at all times in public place. Further restrictions can be imposed by Council. Appeals can be made to Council or the local court the owner believes the order is unfair. Owners who fail to comply with order may be fined up to $5000.

A dangerous dog declaration can be lifted upon completion of obedience training and demonstrated good behaviour, determined by Council.

On the spot fines are doubled when the offence involves a declared dangerous dog.

Name and Address Tags

Your dog is required to wear a tag showing your name and address as well as a registration tag. It is an offence for your dog not to wear tags and you could face an on the spot fine of $50.


All dog owners are legally required to register their dog with council. On the spot fines of $400 can apply for unregistered dogs.

Dog registration fees are used to help recover a portion of Council’s cost not only in licensing dogs but also in administration and enforcement of the Dog Act.

Dog Registration Fees

All Dog licenses expire on 31st October.

Dog owners have the option of either 1 year or 3 year registrations.

Prices are as follows:

1 Year   (Unsterilised) $50.00
3 Years  (Unsterilised) $120.00
Life (Unsterilised) $250.00
1 Year    (Sterilised) $20.00
3 Years   (Sterilised) $42.50
Life (Sterilised) $100.00
Pensioner Concession 50%

Working dogs are registered at 25% of the applicable rate.

How to register your dog

Dog registrations only take a few minutes simply fill out a registration form and we will then enter all information into our system and issue you with a registration tag.

Dogs 3 months & over must be registered at all times. New Dogs must be microchiped prior to registration. Any Dogs with registrations expiring in Nov 15 will need to be microchiped before registering as all dogs after this date must be microchiped by law.

Application to Registration Dog

Change of Dog Registration Details

WA Contract Ranger Services can assist pet owners with microchipping their pets by offering a home service at a rate of $55 per animal. Discounts apply for multiple pets and pension discounts are also available. Alternatively please contact your local vet.

The Ranger can be contacted on 0489 648 154 for the booking of microchipping and general enquiries relating to the above legislation, however all complaints need to be directed in the first instance to the Shire Office on 9683 1001.

Your Responsibilities

Shire of Trayning Fees

Seizure & Impounding of Dogs $112.50
Dog Pound Maintenance Fee per day (each) $12.50
Release & Surrender $112.50

For further information about the operation of the Dog ACT please contact –

Department of Local Government 1800 620 511 or the Shire.


All dog complaints must be received in writing, emailed complaints are accepted. If you would like to speak to our Ranger please contact the Shire Office on 9683 1001 to make an appointment.

Who is responsible for a cat?

The owner of the cat is the main person responsible for the cat.

A responsible adult occupying a residence where the cat is ordinarily kept or allowed to live.

A person, who, for the time being, has the control of the cat e.g. a person who is looking after the cat whilst the owner is away.

Cat Registration

Cats 6 months & over must be registered at all times. Cats must be microchiped prior to registration.

All cats that have reached 6 months old must be sterilised (with exceptions from a vet)  prior to registration.

The fees for registration of a cat are:

1 Year (Sterilised)  $20.00
3 Years (Sterilised)  $42.50
Life (Sterilised)  $100.00
Pensioner Concession 50%

Proof of  sterilisation and Micro-Chip number is needed to claim the concession. New registrations after 31st May (1 Year only)  Half of normal price is payable.

Application to Registration a Cat

Change of Cat Registration Details

Name & Address Tags

All cats are required under the Cat Act 2011 to wear both a Shire registration tag and a tag displaying their name and their owners name and address.

Wearing of both of these tags enables the Shire cat catcher to easily identify the cat so that owners can be contacted and cats collected from the pound as soon as possible.

Cat Control

It is a cat owner’s legal obligation to ensure that the cat is kept under control at all times.

Cats are to be secured at all times behind an adequate fence that will keep them within the boundary of your property.

At any time when the cat is outside of the property boundary it is to be on an approved lead and in the control of a responsible adult.

Shire of Trayning Fees

Seizure & Impounding of Cats   $112.50
Cat Pound Maintenance Fee per day (each)   $12.50
Release & Surrender  $112.50
Animal Trap per week    $11.50
Animal Trap hire refundable bond   $50.00

For further information about the operation of the Cat Act 2011 please contact –

Department of Local Government 1800 620 511 or the Shire

Fines & Penalties

Some of the Infringements that can be imposed upon owners of cats not complying with the Cat Act 2011 are as follows:

Infringement Fine
Unregistered Cat $500 $5000
Cat causing a nuisance  $500 $5000
Cat in public place without collar & registration tag  $50 $5000
Tag with Name & Address of owner not on collar   $50 $5000
Failure to give notice of new owner $40 $5000
Failure to control cat in exercise areas & rural areas $100 $5000
Failure to take steps against parasites $50 $5000

Please note that any of these can be issued even if a cat has not been caught by the cat catcher, so long as it has been sighted committing the offence by a Registered Officer.

Apart from the above penalties, ANY cat caught by the Shire’s cat catcher WILL incur a $112.50 Impounding Fee.  This fee along with registration of the cat where necessary will need to be paid BEFORE cats can be collected from the pound.